City Girl Lvl 21+, Gold

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250 Glam
Prize Map:
lvl 0-4 lvl 5-10 lvl 11-15 lvl 16-20 21+
1 Hardwood Tile 100 Glam 3 Metro Passes 250 Glam 500 Coins
1 Allen Wrench 1 Allen Wrench 1 Hardwood Tile 1 Hardwood Tile 100 Glam
100 Coins 1 Hardwood Tile 300 Coins 3 Metro Passes Spin Token
100 Glam 3 Metro Passes 200 Glam 1 Key Spin Token
100 Glam 100 Glam 3 Metro Passes 250 Glam
2 Gold 2 Gold 2 Gold 2 Gold 2 Gold

161 thoughts on “City Girl Lvl 21+, Gold

  1. Hey guys,
    Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I know a lot goes into keeping up a website, and we appreciate everything that you’ve done for us to help make our games more fun! Best of luck with all of your future endeavors.
    Love, Gen

  2. Did the price system change? Right now I’m level 80 in DCG (so 21+) and I just won 250 glam instead of the spin token. Was that just a glitch or is it now also possible for people with a level > 21 to win 250 glam? As far as I can remember it’s the first time that ever happened to me (since I passed level 21).

    • The prize shows that you can win either 250 Glam or a Spin Token depending on the team you are on. This is due to the fact that how the prizes are checked. I use all low level accounts. Because the prizes are repeated and through the levels and in other prize groups, it is impossible to know what the prizes are for level 21+ in that prize group unless using level 21 accounts. I don’t have level 21 accounts, no one has donated enough accounts, nor I have the time or the inclination to level 12 accounts to 21. It’s a trade-off for convenience and absolute accuracy.

      • I see, thank you for the information. I didn’t know you could actually win 250 glam, I’ve always been in team Capricorn and whenever the table said “spin token or 250 glam” the price has always been a spin token. But the time I won 250 glam I jumped to (I think Libra) for a gold tournament the hour before. I didn’t realise prices differed depending the team you are on. I thought only your level played an influence. Now I understand why it says “spin token or 250 glam”, thank you 😉

  3. People who have no conscience. Wow. I’ll never understand how anyone can “not feel guilty” for literally stealing something that they shouldn’t have. Wow. Just…wow.

    • What site have you been playing on? When my gold and completed crafts vanish and items needed just happen to not be available,, time after time,, and support doesn’t care unless you become relentless- it is a matter of resourcefulness that the site has made neccesarry for those of us not able to purchase gold. so,,, what about the clear fact that never once has anyone gotten a gold item without the gold being deducted but somehow the gold on our end is not secure nor honored.
      It is not my belief that an entity with millions and all of the game control is any more deserving than a totally broke gamer borrowing a computer.
      Games are a test of resourcefulness within a parameter.
      The game is free to play- the retro was possible play- what’s the problem? Don’t judge others over your own inability to think or act ‘outside the box’ or see the bigger picture. If you want to turn the other cheek until your God given neck has whiplash- you are free to do so but don’t expect everyone to choose the same way.
      No one is ‘owed’ an iota more respect or honor given to them than they give.
      The cards are dealt, you can fold or play- what matters is where your heart is and it sounds to me that you might be clinging to one thing or another when choices need to be made. good luck with that- but it may not serve any purpose besides martyrdom

    • Spost8260 what are you referring to? Gold jumping, retro claiming or is your message directed at the Playdom staff (this is not a Playdom site)?

      You do realise that the gold bars are not a real currency, right? Playdom doesn’t lose anything on handing them out. Unless it would discourage people from buying gold with their creditcard. Which it doesn’t. You can only spend the virtual money on virtual items. And buying a gold item costs Playdom as much as receiving a free gift (= a record in the database reminding that “this person owns this amount of that item”).

      Retro claiming can also not be called stealing. Playdom doesn’t have a storage room filled with a limited amount of spin tokens and gold bars. It doesn’t matter (to playdom) if you claim the 500 coins in Capri or jump to Leo and claim 2 gold (unless it would discourage you from buying gold with your creditcard. Which it doesn’t, or at least not for me). Technically you could consider retro claiming cheating (not stealing) since it is a glitch. But that glitch didn’t cause any trouble to anyone. Personally I considered it a positive glitch that balanced out the constant negative glitches (for example the past +/- 14 days barely anyone received their tournament prices, not to mention the accidental purchase problem that has been present since day one which Playdom could EASILY fix but refuses to do so)

      TL;DR you’re making a big fuzz about nothing. I’ve seen other meaningless rants like this from the same username in some of the forum threads. May I ask, are you doing this just to stir the pot or are this your genuine feelings?

  4. I’ve been seeing people report in the feed that under level 21 players are no longer seeing a Gold prize during Gold Tournaments.

    • That can’t be true, because all the accounts that check the scores and prizes are under level 21 and I’m not seeing any errors.

  5. Until City Girl is fixed, until prizes drop & register, until we can get on the site w/o constant reloading, until the feed is constant & not blank..Until we are reimbursed for the lost tourneys & time put in.. I will NOT buy more gold..

  6. So do the current reload, double trouble, update issues have anything to do with fixing the retro claim, or is it just coincidence? I experienced the first troubles at around the same time.

  7. Hiya Ev1 in case you can’t get the Forum or Support to load I was able to load mine this is what Max Said~~> Multiple Game Outage (1/9/2014)

    posted this on Jan 09 01:47 PM

    1/9/2014 1:30PM Pacific

    We are currently investigating the issue that has resulted in multiple game outages. We apologize for this interruption and appreciate your patience while we work on resolving this issue.

    Impacted Games:

    – All games on

    – Marvel: Avengers Alliance (, iOS & Android)

    – Kitchen Scramble (Facebook &

    – Words of Wonder (Facebook,, iOS & Android)

    – City Girl (Facebook &

    – Seven Dwarfs: The Queens Return (iOS, Android & Win8)

    – Ghosts of Mistwood (iOS, Android &

    – Gardens of Time ( & iOS)

    – Pirates of the Caribbean (Facebook &

    • Also Belven left this message in the Forum ~~>
      Belven is online now
      Playdom Community Manager

      Join Date
      Jul 2012

      Game unavailable.

      The game is currently experiencing some issues. We are looking into it.

      • LMAo knew this was coming Home Page now says this~~> We are undergoing scheduled maintenance at this time.

        We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  8. I’d love to Find the Snitch that sent in a Ticket to Playdom Whining that they didn’t get their Glitch Gold! Oh Boo Hoo Cry me a River or better yet Build a Bride & Get Over It! Then put Dummy in a Torchure Chamber & take his or her Laptop or Desk Top Computer away from them or where they can’t reach it to play their DCG Game! Or maybe make them Listen to the most Annoying Music or Sounds that will drive any normal person Mad! *Thinks Evil Thought* HaHaHa Or even make them be forced to watch the Feed & have it be filled with nothing but Kiddie Trolls! You know those kids that you just want to reach through your puter screen & smack up side the head? ROTFLMAO * I know sick mind I have but I know a lot of you all are feeling like that? 😉 Their feel better now Ahhh Breath out & in Think peaceful thoughts! 🙂

    • I don’t think you can blame a single snitch for this. The site became too popular. The last couple of weeks I’ve seen people explaining retro jumping and sharing the link to this site on an almost daily basis. People even started talking about it on the forums. PD would have to be blind as a mole not to have noticed.

      And as we all know glitches that help us gain some extra gold are a bigger priority than those who make us loose some. i guess PD really loves receiving support tickets.

      • It was a snitch or someone that complained to Playdom for not getting their Retro Gold when they jumped like every else did. The players was from GoT that sent the ticket into support so you know. I don’t accuse anyone if I didn’t know it to be true! That is all everyone has been talking about in the Thread Merc made & also in the feed.That is how Playdom found out that is how they found out about Glitch Gold in GoT at the time because a player didn’t like they didn’t get theirs.

        Jealousy is a very bad thing & when we find out a glitch that is good & not bad their are 2 things you must Never Never Do & that is send a ticket in to Support or make a thread about it whining or complaining like more do. Retro Gold was Great! Sorry to see it gone!

        • People always look for one specific person to blame, but in reality it’s probably something Playdom already knew about for a while (from multiple “snitches”) and finally took action.

          With as result that the entire site went kaputt, I hope they realise that having a site with an innocent little glitch everybody loves is better than having no site at all 😉

          • True but one snitch or a few still adds up to Jealousy in the end or the Green Eyed Monster, 😉

          • That is how I feel about it. It was much more fun and about having the feeling to”beat the system”. With the fixing they took a lot of the fun out of this – and really, what’s 2 gold, lol

          • I never got a “Beating the system” feeling of it, I always saw it more as a little trick (or coupon) for the dedicated DCG players. Who lost way more gold on accidental purchases, system breakdowns, glitches or simply your price not dropping. I never felt like I was doing anything wrong with gold jumping or retro claiming. Even when you play 24/7 the gold from jumping alone would not be sufficient to get everything on the 8 gold spin (let alone buying items of furniture/clothing collections or speeding up missions). So I don’t think gold jumping ever stopped anybody from buying gold, if anything it encourages you. And for us who buy gold, 2 gold = 2/10 dollar. But for PD it would only cost them money if it would stop people from buying gold. Which it doesn’t.

            It’s unfortunate that PD took away this wonderfull little glitch, it made it’s players feel extra good and it didn’t cost them anything. It just adds to the infamous money hungry image they already have. Hope it was worth it 🙁

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