Gardens of Time, Sojourner’s Gold Chronometer Level 100 ++

Updates Every 5 mins. :00 - :55, with a final check at :59 Date: Fri, 04-18-2014 10:42 CDT

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Guild Points Guild Points Prize lvl 100+ Time Left Checked At
Aries 2,393 Cancer 2,080 Spice Merchant 0:20 10:41 CDT / -6 WET
Aquarius 7,697 Gemini 6,172 Fruit Seller 0:20 10:41 CDT / -6 WET
Virgo 15,410 Pisces 8,569 Time Crystals 0:20 10:41 CDT / -6 WET
Libra 3,249 Taurus 1,878 Time Crystals 0:20 10:41 CDT / -6 WET
Leo 13,350 Sagittarius 5,383 Time Crystals 0:20 10:41 CDT / -6 WET
Scorpio 9,127 Capricorn 6,596 Spice Merchant 0:20 10:41 CDT / -6 WET


Guild Points Guild Points Prize lvl 100+ Time Left Checked At
Aries 8,822 Aquarius 7,046 Spice Merchant 0:1 09:59 CDT / -6 WET
Virgo 16,013 Libra 11,238 5000 Silver 0:1 09:59 CDT / -6 WET
Capricorn 4,409 Taurus 3,260 5000 Silver 0:1 09:59 CDT / -6 WET
Leo 14,091 Gemini 8,033 Fruit Seller 0:1 09:59 CDT / -6 WET
Pisces 4,325 Sagittarius 2,273 Petals of Triumph 0:1 09:59 CDT / -6 WET
Scorpio 15,347 Cancer 13,708 Fruit Seller 0:1 09:59 CDT / -6 WET
Prize Map:
lvl 1-10lvl 11-30lvl 31-66lvl 67-99100+
Roman BenchZen Garden BridgeFemale LionCatapultFruit Seller
Chinese BenchStone LanternMale LionClay PrismPetals of Triumph
Barn FenceTube EntranceFire BrazierZeus OakSpice Merchant
Simple MazePost BoxCentaur Metope3000 Silver5000 Silver
1000 Silver3000 Silver5000 SilverTime CrystalsTime Crystals
2 Gold2 Gold2 Gold2 Gold2 Gold

780 thoughts on “Gardens of Time, Sojourner’s Gold Chronometer Level 100 ++

  1. at the risk of sounding like a scr
    atch in a broken record, I do want to add my appreciation for this site – I think I’ve clicked on this site more than my email – lol. Wishing everyone safe, well and happy – Blessings!

  2. I would just like to thank you for having run this site for us addicted players – it isn’t going to be the same not having GoT, WoW etc to log into every morning :( Would like to wish all fellow players a happy and healthy future, and hope that some day there will be other games like these that we can meet up in.

    Thank you again for all your work running this site.

      • And another big thank you from me, I have been an admirer, user and contributor for some time, Thank you for all your efforts and I hope you find some other outlet for your service and creativity,

        Big Hugs

        • Thank you so much for your support of players of PD games. I always checked in with OYG before going to PD…. I will miss both !!! I will check back here to see what games if any that you find to support in the future. xoxoxoxx

    • I never played without checking with you first! I will miss you and GOT & WOW very, very, very much. Thank you for all you have done for us players. God bless.

    • there is GoT on FB and a lot of us are going there-i am luckybluerose here if you are interested let me know at least we can play and be together as cyber family-lol-hugs-for those not going i wish you all the happiness and good health in the future-hugs to all

  3. Does this big change affect OYG at all ? Whatever is happening with PD games discontinuing and some continuing elsewhere. Thank you

  4. My March, 2014 subscription to the inner circle was canceled and I am having trouble getting my loyality points. My subscription should be good till April 6, 2014. Please help me. Thank you.

  5. Whats up with the “live” scores. Not showing any scores for any tourneys for 2 days for me. It used to be only wait 5 mins. But for me server error 0 is all I see from top to bottom. mmmmmmk

  6. Just find your level and see what the prize is. They load it about 5 minutes after the hour. It should play ok in your time zone.

  7. Can anybody help me with working out EST cause I’m getting lost as to when the times are going by CST & -6 wet. Thanks would appreciate the help. Regards Debra.

        • CST is in America

          WET: Western European Time +0 GMT
          CST: -6 GMT
          Sydney: (AEST +10 GMT) but currently observing Daylight Time (AEDT +11)

          6+11 = +17 GMT

          So if it’s 8:00 CST (USA) = 1:00 AEDT (Australia), 1 day ahead

          Note: Time offset will get a little “confusing” in a few weeks. USA will go into daylight savings time (DST) moving clocks +1 hour ahead on March 9, causing it to be (-5 GMT) until March 30, when Uk and Europe go into Summer time, moving clocks +1 ahead affecting CDT (Central Daylight Time) to (-6) once again. Now throw-in Australian Daylight Savings Time for Sydney, which will end on the first Sunday in April, and you have some mental gymnastics. So in Sydney on March 10, it will be +16 (-5 CDT, +11) and on April 5, it will be +15 (-6, +9).

          Right. If you got all that, then what time will it be at the North Pole on Mars for the earth date April 15, 2025, at 14:00 CDT?

          As for knowing the prize this hour and the last hour, the time zones are unnecessary as this hour and last hour is the same for all time zones. You only need to know the time zones for the gold history.

          I put the time when checked as a way to observe if and when the scores may get stuck, which happens occasionally, and someone will notify me of a problem.

  8. i read somewhere about when you miss gold but when you log in do not erase prize box and when you jump to another team you can claim it their do i have that correct i think i have it all twisted up if i jump to another team the prize box changes can you help me and thank you a bunch have a wonderful day

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